This is a job unlike any other. As a Game Master, you help provide a unique and immersive experience for our customers in a new and exciting field of entertainment. Yours hours need to be flexible, as guests book for both day and evening This is not a seasonal job. Job Description: The Game Master is responsible for ensuring an unforgettably fun and exciting experience for our customers. As the Game Master, you will have the following responsibilities: - Being outgoing, courteous, and engaging, with all of our participants. - Setting up the Escape Room for each new game session and ensuring all props are in proper working order. This often has to be done in a very short time frame between game sessions. - Greeting participants and instructing them in the rules of the game as well as relating the backstory. - Being present during game play in a professional and unobtrusive manner while being available for answering questions and giving direction where needed. - Tidying and cleaning the Escape Room and lobby/office. - Keeping track of the inventory of props and ensuring all props in the game area are in working order. - Managing our social media presence and interacting with the public online as well as handling incoming emails. -Keeping track of online bookings. Qualities we are looking for in applicants: - Charisma! An outgoing and sociable personality who can also "switch gears" to fade into the background during game play. - A flair for the theatrical as well as any background in theatre is an asset. - An interest in puzzles and games, even if you are not particularly good at them yourself. - Any artistic, sculptural or handyman skills are valuable for this position. - Good at working alone as well as part of a team. -Attention to detail. - You must be able to be calm and friendly while under pressure and able to think on your feet. The Escape Room experience is a live event and you must be able to handle the unexpected. Resumes may be sent to for consideration. Competitive wages based on ability to do work.