Building The First Escape Rooms in Branson, Missouri.

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Cryptex Escape Games First Escape Rooms Branson, MO. People ask sometimes how we decide to open Escape Rooms. We have heard about them some time at the end of 2013 when there was only a hand full of them in the country. They were getting popular in Europe. At that time the concept of escape rooms seemed so weird. I remember, my husband offered to go to New York City to play one. I thought it was strange to pay to be locked. Then we went on vacations in January 2015 to a foreign country. We have done several escape rooms out there and, needless to say, we got hooked! When we came back we definitely decided – we are opening one!

We applied for a permit in April 2015. We were the First Escape Room in Branson to apply to the City and, of course, had to “pay” for it. Not literally, but with the time and lost opportunities. Since there was no such type of business in Branson, the idea of Escape Rooms was SOOO new to Branson that there were no regulations for this type of business. It took a long time to get a building permit. Finally, after 9 weeks of waiting and a lot of explanations, we got our permit and were able to start constructions.

The building we chose to be a home for Cryptex, was a convenient location for us. However, it had absolutely nothing inside besides the outside walls. That meant that we (my husband and I) had to build everything from the ground up. And we did! Did it take us longer than expected? It probably did, but honestly, it is worth it. It’s hard to describe feelings we have walking through Cryptex, knowing that we build it all ourselves. it was such nostalgia to look for the pictures for this post, hard to believe what it was and what it is. Cryptex is our baby!

Four Pictures of constraction. Before and After pictures