Cryptex Branson Real Life Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a challenging and interactive live action game where you and your team are trapped in a room; you have 60 minutes to successfully find a way out. Everything you need to escape is inside the room-your team, your brain, and our clues to help you along the way. To solve each challenge, you will need to work as a team, and work fast! Your team will need to find hidden objects, solve riddles, and crack clues to beat the clock and escape before time is out.

“Such a blast for all ages!!! We got to try all rooms and each one different but all fun! The staff is great and makes even more fun!!”
– Mary Rhodes

“Awesome attraction. Three generation family made it out in time!”
– Karie N Travis Martin

“One of the best things we’ve ever done around Branson!”
– Beth Wood Hilburn

“Truly a blast for the whole family our group had ages 8, 11, 23, 28, 47, & 48!! We are already planning on coming back. It’s no way as easy as you first think it’s going to be. Great time for all ages!”
– Sheila Barnum

“I’ve done a few escape rooms now and this one was my favorite!”
– Michelle Jean Williams

“We were visiting Branson over Thanksgiving with our children ages 14, 13 and 9. We have done 5 other breakout rooms in various states but this location was our kids favorite by far!”
– Michelle

“We are Sherlock Holmes fans so naturally we chose that room. The story line and theme were right out of A. Conan Doyle! The puzzles were highly challenging but we did solve the mystery within the hour.”
– David M

“Very well thought out and very challenging. I will definitely be back again. I can’t wait to try the other rooms.”
– TheMandyLee

“We had a blast! The space room was awesome plenty of challenges and a great group activity!! We will absolutely be going back!!”
– Jennifer E